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Life can present you with unexpected challenges. If your family is going through changes stemming from a divorce, it is important that you turn to advocate who cares. A compassionate family law attorney can help as you do what is ultimately best for your family while protecting your best interests.

I am attorney Marc Chavez, and I can help you navigate such a trying time. At my practice, Marc Chavez Law Firm, I help Austin individuals and their families with an assortment of family law issues. I believe that a caring and comprehensive approach often leads to a more amicable outcome, and I afford my clients the specialized attention that they deserve.

Addressing Your Concerns

Every divorce is unique. While some marriage dissolutions are fairly straightforward, things can become complex when children are involved. Utilizing my extensive legal experience, I can assist you in a number of family law areas, including:

  • Divorce
  • Property division
  • Child custody matters
  • Spousal and child support
  • Mediation and collaborative divorce

When it comes to legal issues involving children, you should know that Texas courts will always make decisions that they feel serve their best interests. It can be helpful to attempt mediation when possible, as it can provide a less contentious path to an agreement that pleases both parents. I have considerable experience in alternative dispute resolution, and I can help you reach a more amicable outcome.

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