A singular link: the holiday season and … saturation patrols?

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If 2020 was a race event, we would be rounding the final curve just about now and heading into the backstretch, wouldn’t we?

And legions of people would be thankful for that and ready to celebrate the year’s passing, while harboring great hopes for 2021. Recent months have been exceptionally memorable in many respects and challenging in unique ways.

So now it is time to reflect and – for many people – to enjoy some special year-ending routines and activities with friends and loved ones. The calendar says December, after all, and that is all that many individuals and families need to note to instill a festive spirit.

That often means some level of alcohol consumption, a seasonal behavior that necessarily comes with a due warning stressing moderation.

Especially for individuals who imbibed to some degree and are now headed out to their cars with keys in hand.

Drunk driving arrests in Texas: virtually anyone can be targeted

Here’s a preliminary point concerning behind-the-wheel intoxication in Texas. State troopers and municipal law enforcers don’t play favorites or come down especially hard on any particular group. They just want to make arrests, and they do so without regard to personal characteristics. You might be a student, teacher, clergy member or construction member.

It doesn’t matter. Police officers will gladly hoist up some formidable legal challenges for you if you are allegedly drunk behind the wheel. They do so frequently, especially during holiday periods.

Here’s proof of law enforcers’ commitment to making DWI/DUI stops and securing criminal convictions: Reportedly, Texas police made a stunning 69,643 DWI arrests during 2018. Extrapolated, that equates to more than 190 arrests across the state on an “average” day, every single day of the year.

One Texas legal source underscores that aggressive stance and resulting penalties linked with it, duly noting that, “Drinking and driving is never an advisable decision.”

Harsh and many: potential exactions in a Texas drunk driving case

DWI/DUI penalties in Texas can be both multiple and severe, even life-upending. Here are some common sanctions, even for a first-time offender:

  • Potential for conviction even with a blood-alcohol content below 0.08%
  • Jail time of up to 180 days
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Fines, costs and other exactions that can run many thousands of dollars
  • Compulsory attendance in an educational and/or treatment program
  • Imposed community service
  • Spiked insurance rates

An arrested driver can reasonably seek to protect his or her driving privileges by securing timely and proven legal help from an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney.

May 2021 be a year of upsides and opportunity for all readers.