Serious car crashes can result in fractured femurs

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Auto accidents

Leg injuries are one of the most common consequences of vehicle crashes. These injuries can run the gamut from minor scrapes and bruises to broken or crushed bones. When an injury involves a femur, Texas victims can suffer long-lasting consequences.

High-impact crashes often the cause

The femur is the thigh’s weight-bearing bone. When motor vehicle accidents occur, enough force can occur to fracture the femur. Car crashes are the leading cause of femur fractures, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Substantial forces must be present for a femur to break, so the greater the impact, the greater the bone’s chance to break. Damage to surrounding tissue is also likely, and infection can occur if the bone protrudes through the skin.

Types of femur fractures

The following femur fractures commonly occur due to car crashes:

  • Femoral neck, commonly called a hip fracture
  • Fractures anywhere along the length or shaft
  • Distal end, also known as knee fractures

The latter two are the most common and may involve complete or partial breaks. Crushing injuries may also happen, causing the bone to splinter. Motorcyclists and pedestrians are most at risk for these injuries as the height and angle of a car usually strike the victim in the femur. Victims in vehicles also have more protection.

Complications from femoral injuries

The aftermath of an auto accident can be devastating for victims with femoral injuries. The potential for complications, such as blood loss, blood clots or infections, make it necessary for victims to get proper and sometimes extensive medical care. Some victims may spend extensive time away from their jobs while undergoing medical treatment and physical therapy. In many of these cases, victims may want to file a lawsuit to receive damages from the driver who caused the accident.

A successful lawsuit against negligent drivers can help pay for various damages, including pain, suffering, and lost wages resulting from the incident. Car crash victims can use the funds to pay for medical bills, living expenses and other expenses when they are temporarily or permanently disabled because of femur fractures and other injuries.