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Advocating For Those Accused Of Title IX Violations

Universities in Texas strive to be as inclusive as possible for students of all genders. When a university receives federal funding, they must adhere to Title IX, a federal law granting equal education opportunities. This law is increasingly interpreted to include protection for students against sexual misconduct. Title IX violations can lead to significant consequences.

At the Marc Chavez Law Firm, I offer representation to those facing potentially damaging Title IX violations. By advocating for my Austin clients during each phase of the administrative process, I can provide comprehensive and effective representation to individuals that are seeking to protect their future.

An Experienced Ally For Campus Proceedings

A university disciplinary hearing can have serious ramifications. Though it is not a criminal court, such a hearing can result in suspension or expulsion, putting your future in jeopardy. At my firm, I provide advisory services to students facing a range of accusations, including:

  • Accusations of rape or sexual assault
  • Accusations of stalking or physical assault
  • Accusations of sexual harassment
  • Accusations of inappropriate retaliatory actions
  • Accusations of creating a hostile environment

A Title IX violation is not something to be taken lightly. If you or your child is facing such a complaint, the action that you take matters. By consulting with an experienced lawyer, you can better position yourself for a positive outcome. I offer my clients seasoned counsel throughout their university hearings and interviews as well as during the appeals process, should it prove necessary.

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